4 Important Financial Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Condo

After months of searching, you have finally found a condo you love. Before you sign on the dotted line, it is essential that you keep those highly-toned research muscles in practice. There are four questions you need to ask before taking a step that will have a major impact on you and your money for years to come. (more…)


Highline Residences Condo at Tiong Bahru

Highline Residences is a new luxury condominium strategically located near to the heart of Tiong Bahru area, along Kim Tian Road. This is an extremely well-sought after location, with plentiful of lifestyle amenities nearby. (more…)


Port Credit Condos: 6 Tips for Buying the Serene Condo Suitable for Your Family

Not just any condo will do for a family. If you are thinking of buying a condo for your family to live in, you will need to consider a serene environment for your family. Here are some handy tips to get you good condo deals for your family in a calm environment. (more…)


9 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Phnom Penh Real Estate in 2020

Cambodia’s rapid development is no more under the radar. Everyone is aware of that, and everyone seems to make something of it. It is also quite apparent that Phnom Penh is in the center of that massive development. (more…)


5 Things Every Tenant Should Know About Renting a Flat in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most developed EU countries with a booming economy and high standard of living. At the same time, it is one of the smallest ones in the EU which means that it can’t fit the army of folks that want to live there.

But, if you somehow manage to get an opportunity to live there, then you will want to learn a thing or two on how to rent a flat in Luxembourg. The following guide is derived from the landlords’ perspective and what they think their tenants generally should know before renting a flat in Luxembourg. (more…)


Ocean Lane Villas

Ocean Lane Villas for sale, each of the villas has been designed to maximize living and floor space. There are 2 lovely styles of family home to choose from. (more…)


Renovating a property in Kota Kinabalu

Malaysian banks sometimes hold auctions of distressed property and this should be the first port of call for those considering taking on investments (more…)


Buying property in Ho Chi Minh City

Last year the estimated capital injection into the Vietnamese property market reached US$5bn, mainly foreign direct investment (FDI). (more…)


Property in Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City has been described as the world’s first purpose built maritime centre, a project designed to become a ‘centre of excellence’ for the modern day maritime industry. A mixed use development, the Maritime City is designed to become a global hub for the maritime industry encompassing a wide range of residential, commercial and educational opportunities across two square kilometres of reclaimed land in the Arabian Gulf.

Strategically located between the Dubai Dry Docks and the busy Port Rashid, the development is designed to house the near 5,000 companies within the maritime sector who are currently operating in the Dubai area. As with many of the free trade zones within modern day Dubai, Dubai Maritime City is designed to become a ‘sector specific’ hub. An all-encompassing maritime facility, the development will focus on six major sectors within the marine industry: recreation, ship design and manufacturing, marine research, product marketing, marine management and marine services. (more…)


Do You Offer A Property Management Service?

Managing properties and tenants is a full time job for which many investors do not have the time or experience.

Using third party lettings and management agents often results in a poor quality of service and constant tenant issues. (more…)


What Deposit Is Required?

You will need either a 20% or 25% deposit depending on availability and your choice of buy to let mortgage products.

The average purchase price of a property is £68K-£80K which means the deposit required is in the range £14K-£20K. (more…)

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