5 Things Every Tenant Should Know About Renting a Flat in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most developed EU countries with a booming economy and high standard of living. At the same time, it is one of the smallest ones in the EU which means that it can’t fit the army of folks that want to live there.

But, if you somehow manage to get an opportunity to live there, then you will want to learn a thing or two on how to rent a flat in Luxembourg. The following guide is derived from the landlords’ perspective and what they think their tenants generally should know before renting a flat in Luxembourg.

#1 Signing the inventory is a must

That may not be mandatory in rental agreements in places like the United States or Australia, but in Luxembourg is standard practice. That is if the flat has inventory. Don’t be surprised if the flat is unfurnished and you have to do the furnishing on your own. Again, that’s nothing new in this part of the world. The inventory signing takes place before the tenant official takes possession of the flat. If needed it can be prepared by a third, independent party.


#2 Terminating the lease agreement

To terminate your agreement you need to have a special clause in your contract. That clause usually means that you need to give three months’ notice to your landlord. And if you don’t want to pay for those three months, you need to help the landlord find a new tenant. When it comes to Luxembourg, there is always someone waiting for a spot, so most times that’s not an issue.

#3 Tenants should return the property in the same condition

Of course, general wear and tear that come from normal use are taken into consideration and don’t qualify as damages. Therefore, the deposit won’t be affected.

#4 Almost all disagreements are solved out of court

There are special bodies that deal with issues between landlords and tenants. And in most cases, both parties manage to find some common ground and resolve the issue. Only a small percentage of all cases see the insight of a courtroom.

flat for rent in Luxembourg

#5 Tenants are obligated to purchase a home insurance

If you want to rent a flat in Luxembourg, you will need home insurance as well. That’s obligatory and is there to cover you in case of damages caused by a natural disaster, water flood, theft, or a fire.

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