9 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Phnom Penh Real Estate in 2020

Cambodia’s rapid development is no more under the radar. Everyone is aware of that, and everyone seems to make something of it. It is also quite apparent that Phnom Penh is in the center of that massive development.

As a result, the Phnom Penh real estate market has grown rapidly in the last few years. And from the look of things, that growth will continue in 2020 as well. Here are the top 9 reasons that the growth will persist through 2020. (more…)


Ocean Lane Villas

Ocean Lane Villas for sale, each of the villas has been designed to maximize living and floor space. There are 2 lovely styles of family home to choose from. Furthermore we have provided you with international standard of amenities such as, luxurious reception, restaurant, 2 communal pools, tropical communal gardens with relaxation salas saunas, full resort facilities from the palm Grove resort, 24 hour security. Please feel free to contact us at Baan Thai and make an appointment to see our project. (more…)

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