Do You Offer A Property Management Service?

Managing properties and tenants is a full time job for which many investors do not have the time or experience.

Using third party lettings and management agents often results in a poor quality of service and constant tenant issues. Continue reading “Do You Offer A Property Management Service?” »


What Deposit Is Required?

You will need either a 20% or 25% deposit depending on availability and your choice of buy to let mortgage products.

The average purchase price of a property is £68K-£80K which means the deposit required is in the range £14K-£20K. Continue reading “What Deposit Is Required?” »


What Does It Cost To Purchase A Property?

Buy an £90,000 property from us and you will receive a genuine 20% discount and instant equity of £18,000. Continue reading “What Does It Cost To Purchase A Property?” »


Can I View The Properties You Offer?

Yes of course you can and the best way to do this is on a visit day to our offices in the North East.

You can meet our directors and staff, get your questions answered personally, tour the areas where we source property and view properties currently under management. Continue reading “Can I View The Properties You Offer?” »

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