Property in Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City has been described as the world’s first purpose built maritime centre, a project designed to become a ‘centre of excellence’ for the modern day maritime industry. A mixed use development, the Maritime City is designed to become a global hub for the maritime industry encompassing a wide range of residential, commercial and educational opportunities across two square kilometres of reclaimed land in the Arabian Gulf.

Strategically located between the Dubai Dry Docks and the busy Port Rashid, the development is designed to house the near 5,000 companies within the maritime sector who are currently operating in the Dubai area. As with many of the free trade zones within modern day Dubai, Dubai Maritime City is designed to become a ‘sector specific’ hub. An all-encompassing maritime facility, the development will focus on six major sectors within the marine industry: recreation, ship design and manufacturing, marine research, product marketing, marine management and marine services. (more…)

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