What Does It Cost To Purchase A Property?

Buy an £90,000 property from us and you will receive a genuine 20% discount and instant equity of £18,000.

Typically this property will produce a net annual income of c£2,540 after deduction of management fees and insurance.

Our sourcing fee is just £4,985 and includes all of your broker, legal and purchase costs which would total c£2,500 if you were to personally source and purchase a non-discounted property.

Purchase A Property

In addition, our sourcing fee includes any refurbishment costs and our rental guarantee.  You will see therefore that our fee is very competitive and you receive an immediate return on investment.

• fully inclusive fixed fee of £4,985
• includes all legal & purchase costs
• includes refurb & rent guarantee
• 20% or 25% deposit required
• £14K to £20K on average
• remortgage out after 6 months

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